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Tanker trucks

Posted in Insightson Jan 20, 2009

Tanker Truck Refuels

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Why are there different types of gas (premium, regular, and super) but it seems like there is only one gas tanker?

Although the tanker truck looks like one big tank, inside it is actually subdivided into a series of smaller tanks carrying gasoline of different grades. When a tanker trunk refuels the gas station, it can deliver all three types of gas.

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History of weird phone calls

Posted in Generalon Jul 18, 2008

I’ve notice a pattern of weird phone calls over the last few years.

Feb 11, 2008: A female Wymount resident received a suspicious phone call in her home at 1:30 p.m. The male caller claimed to be from the psychology department and said he could try to help her relax. He got her to turn off the lights and lay down on her bed. The phone call ended when the girl’s cell phone battery died. BYU Police told her she should notify her phone company next time she receives a call so that they can trace it. (Source)

Nov. 7-9, 2007: Nine female students, living in Heritage Halls, reported receiving suspicious calls from a man who claimed that he was a BYU student doing an experiment for a psychology class. The police think this man is from California and is the same man who has been making these calls for the last four years. (Source)

Oct. 23, 2007: A 19-year-old female student, living in Taylor Hall in Helaman Halls, received a suspicious phone call from a man claiming to be a psychology student who asked her to participate in an experiment for his psychology class. She had read the police beat tip of the week in The Daily Universe on October 12, and hung up on him. (

Oct. 17, 2007: A female student living in Wyview Park received a phone call from a suspicious man. The suspect claimed to be a psychology student conducting a project, and attempted to put her in a hypnotic trance. She gave him a false name when he asked for her name. When she finally told him she had had enough, he immediately hung up. (

October 12, 2007 Tip of the week: Over the last three years, several students, mostly female students, have been receiving calls from a suspicious male individual. He calls at night, asks what they are doing, how they are dressed and if they will participate in an experiment, a study for his psychology class. He asks them to lie down on the floor then asks a series of questions and tells them to relax. An investigator from the police department has talked to a professor on campus, who is an expert in hypnotism. He says it is not possible to hypnotize someone over the phone. Some students have fallen asleep, woken up and weren’t sure what happened but whether they were really hypnotized or not is questionable. (Source)

July 4, 2007: A man was reported making a suspicious phone call to a female in Helaman Halls in which he claimed he was doing a psychology project and then proceeded to hypnotize the female student on the other end of the line. The roommate of the female came home to find her asleep on the floor. The female is reported of reacting strangely when certain words are spoken. Incidents of a similar nature have occurred about two dozen times in the past. There are no suspects, but the incident is still under investigation. (

Feb 9, 2006: A female student living in Hinckley Hall, in Helaman Halls, received a phone call from an unidentified male claiming to be conducting a survey for a psychology class Feb. 9. The caller asked the student if she was relaxed and if she was doing homework. The student hung up after the caller asked her to lie down on her bed to get more comfortable. The police suspect the call is connected to numerous similar calls made over the last two years. (Source)

May 19, 2004:Two females living at WyView reported separate accounts of attempted hypnotism on the telephone from a male suspect May 19 at 9 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m., respectively. The victims reported a male-voiced caller representing himself as a psychology major conducting a survey. The victim of the second incident said she became suspicious when the caller said he was going to hypnotize her. Both victims hung-up the phone on the caller.

Never once did he call anyone in Deseret Towers, according to these limited reports.

Definition of desperate

Posted in Insightson Jun 16, 2008

What does it mean to be desperate? I think it involves ignoring the natural order and process of things.

Being desperate to get married involves short cutting some of the natural steps that normally come in the progression of a relationship in order to get married faster.

FBI Target

Posted in Funnyon Mar 4, 2008

Today I saw this headline from CNNMoney:

Missile aimed at FBI target

I first thought that there was a missile aimed where the target was the FBI. After reading the first little bit of the article I realized that the target was defined by the FBI, not the FBI itself.

Funny how reading something slightly wrong can give it a completely different meaning.

Free calories

Posted in Generalon Oct 31, 2007

A friend of mine was recently eating some packaged cookies, and we noticed something odd about the nutritional facts. We noticed that the calories didn’t quite match up.
Cookie nutritional label
Notice how there are two cookies per package, and that each cookie has 170 calories. 2 cookies per package times 170 calories per cookie equals 340 calories per package. But the package shows that there are 350 calories per package. So where are these extra 10 calories coming from?

You will see a similar error when you look at calories from fat.

My top ten list of top ten lists

Posted in Generalon Jul 18, 2007

It seems like every TV show, magazine, blog, newspaper, and mother’s journal needs a top ten list. Why are top ten lists so interesting? Perhaps it is because we are too lazy to study out an entire subject matter, and want someone to summarize the best of the best for us. Whatever the reasons for the top ten trends, here is a top ten list of top ten lists to celebrate:

10. Top 10 Deadliest Animals
9. The Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006
8. The Top Ten US Killer Tornadoes
7. The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs
6. Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations
5. Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net
4. Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design
3. Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
2. The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
1. Top Ten Urinals

Web Site Congruences

Posted in Technicalon Jan 13, 2006

I found this web site which talks about university website congruences in 2002.  I thought it was kind of interesting.