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iPhone 5 and siblings

Posted in Technicalon Sep 12, 2012

Today Apple announced some new portable devices, perhaps most notably, the iPhone 5.  Here are some of my thoughts about today’s announcement:

  • The iPhone 5 is more or less an incremental release.
    •  Incremental releases tend to follow the obvious path of making everything a little better.
    • Incremental releases show less innovation, but better iterations about what is already there.
  •  The iPhone 5 didn’t really come out with any new big features that the competition isn’t really doing.
  • I don’t think the iPhone 5 has enough new features to convince people to upgrade their existing iPhone early.
    • But of course there are those Mac fanatics who always have to have the latest iSomething.
    • I think that when phone users do go to upgrade, the iPhone 5 will likely make many people happy.
  • When the latest iPad came out, they branded it the “New iPad”.  Why wasn’t iPhone 5 branded as the “New iPhone”?
  • The new iPod Nano follows Apple’s indecision about the shape of an iPod Nano.
  • I am sad to see that the new iPod Nano doesn’t have a camera like the 5th generation had.
  • The new iPod Nano looks like an iPod Touch want-to-be.
  • I think the iPod Nano is a great option for a parent who wants to buy their kid a classy music player without the Internet (and games)
  • I think there is a small market for the new iPod Nano.
    • I think most people will be willing to pay a little bit more to get the much more capable iPod Touch.
  • Is apple ever going to allow third party apps on a iPod Nano?
  • I like the refresh to the iPod Touch.  I’m a big fan of the SmartPhone minus the phone gadgets.
    • I wish there was an iPod Touch equivalent for Android.  Yes, there is the Samsung Galaxy Player, but it is old and far behind what Android phones can do now days.
  • I had a 2nd Generation iPod Touch (still missing somewhere, maybe in the couch?).  The new iPod Touch makes it tempting to replace it.
  • Dual cameras, Retina Display, Siri, and many other iPhone features make the new iPod Touch about the most capable non-phone device that you can put in your pocket.
  • No iPad Mini, unless you consider the new iPod Touch.
    • The bigger iPod Touch display isn’t quite big enough for me to think of it as an iPad Mini, but closer!
    • The new iPod Touch price is what I would think of for an iPad Mini.
    • With the most expensive iPod Touch priced at the same point as the cheapest iPad, I don’t know that there is room for an iPad Mini.
  • At the beginning of their presentation today, Apple rattled on too long about rocks.  No one cares how you made your last Apple Store.

Beware of phone charges overseas

Posted in Businesson Jun 13, 2011

Here is a trap that I think could catch many unsuspecting victims.  A man went to Japan, and brought his new iPhone with him.  While he was there, Verizon sent automatic phone updates, costing him over $600 in data charges.  That is a pretty steep price considering that he wasn’t actually actively using the phone.  You can read the whole store here.