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Posted in Socialon Aug 2, 2008

Lori claimed that I mentioned Sandy twice in this blog, but I can’t find where. But as soon as I hit the publish button, both Lori and Sandy will be mentioned, twice in this very post!

The truth is though, that I like to mention people who leave comments. Bruce, Justin and Britt tend to do a reasonable job sometimes at leaving comments.

Oh, and I just thought I would share my motivational plan which has had some limited success in certain markets. Maybe I should try this again. If any one catches me saying something bad about someone, that is, bad mouthing someone else, and they bring it to my attention… I’ll give them a dollar. This is to provide a financial dis-incentive against speaking bad of others. Because it really is something that I want to do better in.

I’ve never decided if the hamster wheel is a cruel or kind invention. On one hand, it keeps the otherwise inert hamster in shape. On the other, that hamster getting nowhere quickly. This LEGO elevator leaves me, again, floating in moral ambiguity. One one hand, it’s LEGO and a convenient elevator. On the other…well, just watch the clip.

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ScriptureCast highlights

Posted in Religionon Nov 18, 2007

A few months ago I announced the release of a new website, Since then, things have taken off. The site has been featured in the ldsWebguy blog as well in the More Good Foundation blog. I’ve also received numerous emails praising the site for helping people study the scriptures.
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Posted in Religionon Jun 10, 2007

Sometimes, some of us need a little help remembering to keep on top of our daily scripture study. To assist in this, I’ve built a new website at . This site helps you to create custom podcast feeds of the scriptures to help you stay on top of your scripture reading.
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The Miller Effect

Posted in Technicalon Jan 13, 2007

In my electrical engineering class we are learning about the Miller effect.  Someone in the class shared a web page which is suppose to be helpful in understanding the principle.

As explained in the about page of his blog, Larry Richman has started his own blog at His blog is not an official Church publication, but it does provide some interesting insight about what goes on behind some of the Church Internet strategies. I’ve read some of his posts, and some of them are ok.

Peep watching

Posted in Funnyon Apr 24, 2006

Happy day after orthodox easter to everyone. Check out these pics: