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I love you

Posted in Socialon Apr 13, 2007

I love a lot of people. I love my friends, I love my family. I love my roommates, and I love many of my classmates.

The problem is, I can’t say so. The word love is so tightly tied to romantic interest that it makes it difficult to use it in any other context.

Gordon B Hinckley has taught:

Love is like the Polar Star. In a changing world, it is a constant. It is the very essence of the gospel.

Without love . . . there is little else to commend the gospel to us as a way of life.

Source: Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley [1997]

How to find heart ache

Posted in Insightson Sep 24, 2006

Short reponce: find look for love.

When we put ourselves into a position to be loved, we put ourselves in a position to be heartbroken. Because when we allow ourselves to be loved, we allow ourselves to be hurt by those who love us.

This is true even outside of romantic relationships. It is true in family relationships as well as friendships. It can happen in any relationship where we open up to the love and affection of others.

The exception is our Heavenly Father, who loves us unconditionally. He will never betray us, or stop loving us.

But if I could just walk away
I wouldn’t know which words to say
but if you want I’ll try to stay
so tell me
whats the key

And if I love you, tell me will you
If I’m lonely destined, throw me a clue

Missing – Clarity

Posted in Writingson Jun 24, 2005

This is in responce to a poem I found.

I slept in this morning, you were in my dreams
Thoughts still dominate, I smile all day long
Big things it seems, though its just sitting and talking
Concerts, journeys, epics and feats,
I relive all these things every time I think of you.

Every minute I ask, is there something here?
I always know the answer
In my heart, I love you
Even life is a dream, seems more than real
Am I being logical, or is my heart being carried away,
or is it just the twitterpation from love?

I keep trying to understand myself,

5 Minutes ’till Tomorrow

Posted in Writingson Jun 12, 2005

When the wind blows softly,
I can almost feel your kiss
My lips left virgin
My heart is sweetly touched

The day is almost gone,
It won’t be long till I evaporate like the night
what time is it?
five minutes ’till tomorrow

When I leave you, I miss you already
like putting the watch on the opposite wrist
something just doesn’t feel right
when I’m without you

I once was betrayed by the color red
I thought I would hate it forever
Red increases with heat, thanks Fahrenheit
Why won’t the weather stop raining and get warm?

Secrets, are they good or bad?
To keep the truth from someone
Admiration of the hidden
I almost want to show the disguise

Words they flow, without verse or rhyme
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time
Many different ideas they flow together
Some make sense, some don’t. They are all mixed in a bowl

Cookie dough has soft parts and hard
My life is the same, warm cookies or charred.
If life was so sweet,
then pain wouldn’t keep us from dunking cookies in milk

A woven seat of secrets
wish I could tell but one
I pretend to be open
this spell has just begun

My mind it flows without any patterns
I just write down what comes, and what happens
No second thoughts, perhaps pure emotion
What will she think, Mother, I’m not broken.

Gold star

Posted in Writingson Jun 2, 2005

I try and win, just one gold star
But then I fall, oh so far
Take me by the hand, and pick me up
Give me water, from that silver cup.

My heart beats fast, it does not wait.
Impatience increases, it does not abate.
So eagar I am, that I hit the walll;
Life tosses me around, like a fabric doll.

For the star, it does twinkle in the sky,
I wish I was with it, oh so high.
Sometimes its bright, sometimes dim,
But always I sink, because I cannot swim.

If I could reach, this one star, its gold,
Forever the memories, I would hold.
The dreams of stars, they last all night,
Perhaps with you, the future’s bright.