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This is why USPS struggles

Posted in Businesson Nov 8, 2014

Here is a screen capture from my USPS package tracking:


Notice that “Postal Product” indicates “2-Day” mail. Which means that it should have been delivered on October 2, which is two days after my ship date of September 30.

But somehow this package is:

  • On Time (for delivery on October 2)
  • Expected Delivery on October 4
  • Delivered on October 3

Missionary mail bounces

Posted in Religionon Jan 14, 2008

Just before Christmas, I wrote my favorite sister missionary a letter on this nice piece of colorful paper which I had to fold like a bazillion times just to get it to fit in the envelope. I sent it to Salt Lake City to be included in a “pouch” full of correspondence that is sent to her mission all together.

It bounced.

I got it back in the mail as unable to be forwarded along because it didn’t meet current pouch restrictions.

This is kind of a big deal for me because I’m really quite horrible at writing letters, and this was the first letter in a long time that I was sending her. For me to write a real letter is a real deal.

Apparently letters that go through the pouch need to be as normal as possible, and that means one normal piece of typing paper, tri-folded normally, with two normal pieces of tape to seal the paper shut with the ends open.

What got me was the message on the return to sender label which said, “Contact your bishop for further details.”