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Eighth grade ID card

Posted in Educationon Jan 31, 2009

I was looking through on of my old boxes tonight and I came across my old ID card from the 8th grade.  I was 13 years old when this photo was taken.

ID Card

ID Card

I just hope that by posting this online I’m not opening myself up to identity theft.

Rainy missionary day in Cluj

Posted in Religionon Oct 13, 2008

I thought I would continue with posting various photos from my LDS mission in Romania. This picture was taken on an especially rainy day in Cluj-Napoca, from a window near my apartment.

Cluj-Napoca as a missionary

Posted in Religionon Oct 8, 2008

Here is another mission photo.  I was with James Nickerson in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, as missionaries, and he took this picture of me.  We were contacting people in an apartment building, and thought the view was pretty good.

Me on a mission in Romania

Posted in Religionon Sep 18, 2008

I thought I would share this picture of me as a missionary in Romania. This picture was taken in a little town called Campia Turzu in Transylvania.

From Mission

My name isn’t Jacob Peargrove

Posted in Generalon Dec 3, 2007

Thumbnail of magazine cover My friend Bruce recently brought to my attention that this blog was mentioned on page 8 of the November 2007 edition (PDF) of Schooled Magazine. Here is what they said about me:

BYU student Jacob Peargrove writes a personal blog ( that talks about everything from student-housing homelessness to compus-wide YouTube ban. “This is my persoanl blog,” he writes. “I put here anything I want to, even though some of it might be strange.”

My name is not Jacob Peargrove, as the article suggested. In fact, I know of no one with the last name of Peargrove. When I think Peargrove, I think of a grove of pear trees. In aspect of blogging, the term Peargrove is mostly meaningless.

I’m not really big on publishing my last name on this blog. For the longest time, I tried really hard to remain anonymous in writing this blog. However, since my identity here becomes increasingly less anonymous, I’m not so worried about it anymore, especially since my name appears on the bottom of every page in the copyright statement.

Please take a look at the about page if you would like more information about this blog. You are also free to read some of my comments about campus homelessness or BYU YouTube bans.

How could I have been…

Posted in Generalon Jan 17, 2007

Today I was thinking about a past situation of mine.  For a second I thought:

How could I have been so stupid!?

Then I started thinking about the situation, and I realized that I currently find myself in a very similar situation, making all the same mistakes.  Maybe now that I realize this, I can pull myself out of the depths of conundrums and cease making the same mistakes.

Life Tracker

Posted in Technicalon Dec 12, 2006

As a software engineer, I use a project management tools like Trac to manage different aspects of my project, such as roadmaps, milestones, issues, documents, and the source.

I wonder, what if these software development tools were to be applied to a different type of project called: life.

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