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A few weeks ago, I signed up to feed the full time missionary Elders serving in my ward.  I forgot about it until I received a phone message from them yesterday morning when they called to say:

We’re just giving you a call we saw that you signed up for feeding us today and so we’re just wondering what time would work for you so give us a call back and let us know and we’ll talk to you soon thanks bye.

So I look at my schedule and came up with a plan to make some home made pizza out of some leftovers in my fridge.  I was about to give them a call back and let them know that they should come over at 6, when they called me.

In their phone call, they explained that they had a very packed schedule and asked if I could bring some food over to the institute building for them.  Pretty much they said, “Can you deliver our dinner to us”?  I figured that I had signed up to feed them and if they were really busy, then I could probably help them out.

I left work early, stopping by Warmart to buy a take-and-bake pizza.  I then drove like 15 minutes to the institute building on the other side of Fort Collins, and threw the pizza in the oven.

I started looking around the institute building for the Elders, but I couldn’t find them.  Eventually, I found their shoes on a shelf, and inside their shoes, their schedule.  So I looked through their schedule to discover that they were away playing frisby.

So pretty much, I spent extra money and about 45 minutes of time to buy and take them a pizza because their schedule was too busy playing ultimate frisby.

I won’t be volunteering to feed them again.

Rainy missionary day in Cluj

Posted in Religionon Oct 13, 2008

I thought I would continue with posting various photos from my LDS mission in Romania. This picture was taken on an especially rainy day in Cluj-Napoca, from a window near my apartment.

Cluj-Napoca as a missionary

Posted in Religionon Oct 8, 2008

Here is another mission photo.  I was with James Nickerson in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, as missionaries, and he took this picture of me.  We were contacting people in an apartment building, and thought the view was pretty good.

Me on a mission in Romania

Posted in Religionon Sep 18, 2008

I thought I would share this picture of me as a missionary in Romania. This picture was taken in a little town called Campia Turzu in Transylvania.

From Mission

Missionary mail bounces

Posted in Religionon Jan 14, 2008

Just before Christmas, I wrote my favorite sister missionary a letter on this nice piece of colorful paper which I had to fold like a bazillion times just to get it to fit in the envelope. I sent it to Salt Lake City to be included in a “pouch” full of correspondence that is sent to her mission all together.

It bounced.

I got it back in the mail as unable to be forwarded along because it didn’t meet current pouch restrictions.

This is kind of a big deal for me because I’m really quite horrible at writing letters, and this was the first letter in a long time that I was sending her. For me to write a real letter is a real deal.

Apparently letters that go through the pouch need to be as normal as possible, and that means one normal piece of typing paper, tri-folded normally, with two normal pieces of tape to seal the paper shut with the ends open.

What got me was the message on the return to sender label which said, “Contact your bishop for further details.”

Missionaries find $1200

Posted in Religionon Oct 15, 2006

According to the Albuquerque Tribune, a companionship of missionaries in Albuquerque, New Mexico found an envelope from a local financial institution containing two stacks of bills, valued at $1,200. The missionaries turned the money into the police, and joined a list of only 15 other people who had ever turned lost/found money in. The amount of money they turned in was the highest ever for the area. If no one claims the money in 90 days, the missionaries get to keep it.

I guess we are going to have to wait to see if the missionaries get the money or not. On one hand, the envelope was from a financial institution, which might be able to track down the proper owners. On the other had, the missionaries found the money on a crime-heavy street, so there may not actually be any proper owners.

I hope the missionaries get to keep the money, but the greatest reward is the publicity they got for being so honest. Hopefully their true find will be people wanting to learn more about the Gospel because they were so impressed with the missionaries’ honesty.

Missionaries in Florida

Posted in Religionon Oct 6, 2006

I recently found this article online from Herald Tribune in Southwest Florida about a companionship of missionaries there. The article is called Run, don’t walk and has a pretty accurate description about missionary work.

It is great that missionaries are getting this sort of press. They work hard, and I’m glad they get some recognition about what they do.