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Take note of this

Posted in Reviewson Apr 5, 2013

As I stated previously, I am evaluating different note taking systems. Here are my conclusions.

Google Keep really wasn’t impressive. Evernote and Springpad both did much better.

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Recently Google released Google Keep, which is suppose to be some sort of note-taking system.  I think I might need a note-taking system, but since I’m a little wary about using Google after they shut down Google Reader, I want to evaluate several note taking systems.  But before I start looking at any of them, I wanted to define my judgement criteria:

  • Platforms: must be able to use from a web browser and from Android.
  • Data export: can I get my notes back out of the system
  • Bookmarks: A lot of what I like to save for reading later are articles that I find online
  • Media types: What kinds of things can I keep?
  • Cost: Must be free
  • Organization: I need to be able to quickly find things, either through organization or searching
  • User Experience: How easy is it to use it?  Does it perform well?
  • Support: How likely am I to be still using it in 10 years?
  • APIs: Other than using their apps, are there other ways to put things into it?

There may be other things as well. Since I’ve never looked at any before, I’m not sure what I should be looking at.

Among the systems I’ll be reviewing: Google Keep, Evernote, Springpad, I’ll be looking at alternatives like keeping text documents in Dropbox.

As I make discoveries, I’ll note them in the comments.

Here are a few of my notes/thoughts from the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Elder Wirthlin – Learn to laugh.  Leason learned from his mother: “Come what may, and love it.”
  • Elder Holland -Angles are dispatched to help us in times of need.  But not all angles are from the other side of the veil.
  • Gerald Causse – Little children have a great ability to learn and trust… the same qualities help open the door to the holy spirit.
  • Lawrence E Corbridge – Christ offers a well of living water… He is the bread of life.  He is the only way.
  • Elder Christofferson – Building a Zion. Zion is zion because of the attributes and character of its citizens.
  • Elder Bednar – Council in all that we do. Prayer becomes more meaningful as you express heartfelt gratitude.

Notes from priesthood session

Posted in Religionon Apr 5, 2008

Priesthood session for General Conference was really good. Here are a few notes:

Elder Cook told about the fire fighting heroes in Southern California and talked about the importance of following the words of the prophet.

Bishop Burton told us about the churches humanitarian efforts. He expressed appreciation for the good Samaritans. He said that in 2007, the church responded and assisted with 170 disaster events in 50 different countries. He said, “The things which you do for others remains your legacy.”

Brother Burges from the General Young Mens Presidency asked, “Do you know who you are?” He also talked about knowing who you are in the Great Plan and as a member of the Church.

Elder Mansen of the 70 talked about young deacons and their potential. He gave an example of the Savior, and what he did at deacon age.

President Uchtdorf advises us about the dangers of being just a few degrees off in course. He told us of the power of self-direction and told us to “Be anxiously engaged in a good cause.”

President Eyring talked on many subjects, including the temple being a place to gain a fullness of glory and eternal increase. He told us to study the word of God. He said that the priesthood is the power that God, through His Son, created the worlds.

President Monson told us to ask ourselves, if we are worthy servants of the Lord. He told a story of him at a meeting where a boy was imitating his every posture. If he would cross his legs one way, the boy would do the same. President Monson said this continued until he wiggled his ears, which the boy couldn’t imitate. President Monson wiggled his big ears for us in demonstration and articulation in his story. (It was funny.) He told this story to help us understand the examples we must be for others. He also said that we should, “Determine to prepare for our time of opportunity.”

What is Consulting?

Posted in Businesson Sep 24, 2007

Business Consulting, in simple terms, is an industry of hired problem-solvers. Consultants come in to a problem and give data analysis and provide recommendations.
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A little note

Posted in Religionon Jul 17, 2007

Last Sunday I taught Sunday School in church, and I taught about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Later that day, I got this little anonymous note which read:

Um, I was in your lesson today, and I just wanted to tell you that something you said today changed my life.

Isn’t that what gospel teaching is about? Teaching the Gospel such that it helps people better themselves?

President Packer talks at BYU

Posted in Religionon Jan 16, 2007

Boyd K PackerPresident Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke at BYU today at the weekly devotional. Below are some of my notes from his talk: Read the rest of this entry »