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Cooking on campus

Posted in Funnyon Dec 8, 2011

I saw this from a BYU Police Beat:

Oct. 4 – A woman was reported grilling chicken in the library. She said it was for a project requiring students to break a social norm.

I have to say, that is a little better than the time that I baked bread in the Computer Science T.A. offices in the basement of the Talmage building. I had everything measured out in a bread maker. Brought it all in and plugged in the bread maker, and had bread a couple of hours later.

I’ve more than once posted funny police business.  Here is a story from here in Northern Colorado where a woman called 911 because she thought someone stole her TV remote control.  From the article:

It happened on July 27, when the woman – who doesn’t want to be identified – told police she thought she’d been burglarized. The missing item? Just one: her remote control.

Read the article.

Not the wisest

Posted in Funnyon Apr 7, 2010

I read this in today’s BYU police beat:

April 1 Police received a call because it appeared a Chevy truck had a hose pumping fumes into its truck bed. When confronted, it appeared the student was trying to “jimmy rig” a hot tub in the back of his truck, and he was warned that a hot tub in the back of his truck was not the wisest thing to do.

Having a hot tub in the back of a truck doesn’t seem that bad.  Using the exhaust of the truck for it… stupid!

I saw this recent police beat:

Jan. 12: The driver of a white pick-up truck reportedly whipped into a handicap stall, parked and ran to class. Officers confirmed that the running person indeed had a handicap permit.

Perhaps they need, “Sort of handicap” parking spaces and “I’m in a wheelchair” handicap spaces.

My favorite though are the “Expectant Mother” parking spaces out the front of Baby’s ‘R Us.

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Elk head on your kitchen table

Posted in Funnyon Oct 21, 2009

This came from the BYU police beat this week, and I actually think it is one of the best pranks I’ve read about:

Oct. 11 Several female students left their apartment for 30 minutes to attend ward prayer. When they returned to their apartment, they found a severed elk head on their kitchen table. The suspects could not be identified and the elk was disposed of at the materials handling building.

This was posted under the “trespassing” headline, and I can imagine that it would be threatening to have someone in your apartment without knowing about it, but at least they didn’t damage or steal anything.  They were just leaving a surprise gift.

Not a way to meet girls

Posted in Funnyon Sep 16, 2009

From today’s BYU police beat:

September 6: Two male subjects were knocking doors in the female area of Wyview Park. They identified themselves as missionaries. When the police arrived the two male students said they thought it was a novel way to meet girls.

Its kind of like, “Hi, I’m going to lie and deceive you into thinking that I’m a missionary, and then you’ll want to date me.”  Not the best of ideas.  But maybe we could give them a break, they probably only started their freshman year a week earlier.

I also thought this one was funny:

September 5: Two students tried trespassing into the LaVell Edwards Stadium. Because they were unsuccessful they were not arrested.

Note to future self: Avoid getting arrested by not being successful on your next trespass attempt.

Officer communicates with owl

Posted in Funnyon Jul 14, 2009

From today’s police beat:

July 4: An owl was found in the former president’s Home. An officer communicated with the owl and it left.