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Transylvania is so misunderstood

Posted in Adventureson Oct 19, 2009

I spent about a year of my life in a region of Romania known as Transylvania.  It is actually quite a romantic, European country and mountain range, nothing like the creepy vampire spooks that are too often portrayed.  Take for example, this Transylvanian castle which I visited.  Castle Bran doesn’t have any bats or ghosts, although it might have a romantic well (and a secret passageway).

Castle Bran in Transylvania

Castle Bran in Transylvania

Don’t ring that bell

Posted in Religionon Feb 11, 2009

Bell in Romanian Fortress

Bell in Romanian Fortress

On my LDS mission in Romania, I visited a little fortress on top of a hill in a small town. In the fortress is this bell which has had several uses.

A few hundred years ago, the bell was rang to warn of attack. During the world wars, it rang for an air raid attack. Now it is used for more general emergencies such as a fire in the town.

When wandering through the fortress, there was a sign next to the bell indicating that it was only to be rung in emergencies, but other than that, there was nothing stopping me from pulling the cord and ringing the bell.

But I think the bell should be rung for other types of attacks and emergencies too. Perhaps it should ring for the economy, or perhaps it should ring to warn of attacks on the traditional family.

Tickets to Romanian castles

Posted in Adventureson Feb 4, 2009

Entrance Tickets

Entrance Tickets

As I was digging through some of my old stuff, I came across these two entrance tickets to a couple of castles in Romania.

The green ticket on the left is for Peleş Castle, built between 1873 and 1883.  The blue ticket on the right is for nearby smaller Pelişor Castle, built between 1899 to 1903.  I visted these castles while on my church mission in Romania.

In comparison to many other castles, these were quite new, and I might find the word mansion more fitting for these buildings.

It is hard to see the price on these tickets, but the green one seems to say 60,000 lei, which would have been worth around 2 dollars at the time.

Now that I’ve blogged about these, I can throw them away and have just a little less clutter around.

Rainy missionary day in Cluj

Posted in Religionon Oct 13, 2008

I thought I would continue with posting various photos from my LDS mission in Romania. This picture was taken on an especially rainy day in Cluj-Napoca, from a window near my apartment.

Cluj-Napoca as a missionary

Posted in Religionon Oct 8, 2008

Here is another mission photo.  I was with James Nickerson in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, as missionaries, and he took this picture of me.  We were contacting people in an apartment building, and thought the view was pretty good.

Me on a mission in Romania

Posted in Religionon Sep 18, 2008

I thought I would share this picture of me as a missionary in Romania. This picture was taken in a little town called Campia Turzu in Transylvania.

From Mission

Light Stones Blog

Posted in Religionon Oct 3, 2006

I served a mission for the LDS Church in Romania. Recently I found out that the wife of the current mission president of Romania has a blog. Her blog is called Grandma Chubby’s Stuff, and it is very good at keeping news and information about the Church and missionary work in Romania.