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The wrong hangup

Posted in Lifeon Apr 16, 2010

Today I was at work, and I was talking with Sandy using my headset, while at the same time using my computer.  When the conversation was over, I meant to hang up the phone, but instead I closed the program I was using on my computer.

I guess I can’t multi-task.

Doorbell fix

Posted in Lifeon Jan 18, 2010

Sandy isn’t the only one around here that can do some home improving.  Today I replaced our door bell with one that doesn’t look 20 years old. Here is a picture, the old switch is on the left:

Last Halloween I observed the little kids trying find the doorbell, I thought I would put in something that would stand out a little better.  The new doorbell has a button that lights up.


Posted in Adventureson Nov 3, 2009

Recently, Sandy and I have been doing a little bit of couponing.  We’re not aiming at taking 80% off our monthly grocery bill, or to get all sorts of random products for free.  It is more like a game that we like winning.  It is kind of a thrill to get products for free or to see “You Saved 85% Off Your Order Today!” printed on the bottom of the receipt.  We are getting kind of good at finding coupons on the Internet to print or combining coupons we find with sales we find in stores.

One of our favorite stores to shop at is King Soopers, which is a Kroger store.  King Soopers generally has reasonable prices on products, and they will often have some good sales.  Additionally, they will double coupons up to 50 cents, and coupons between 50 cents  and a dollar they will increase to a dollar.  They also accept eCoupons from or CellFire, which are loaded onto the King Sooper loyalty card and applied automatically when checking out.

One of my favorite King Soopers promotions is $5 off 10 qualifying items.  I think they choose a couple of items on each aisle of the store that quality, causing you to walk up and down all the aisles searching out 10 items which qualify.  This promotion is currently underway at our King Soopers, and when you combine the promotion with coupons, we’ve found some good deals.  For example, our 10 items might be:
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Baby stealing

Posted in Funnyon Oct 4, 2009

Sandy told me the other day, “let’s not resort to baby stealing unless we have to.”

Then she said, “We can have three boys but then I want at least one girl.”

I look at her in a way that expressed, I don’t think we get to choose that, to which she responded, “If we are stealing them, we can choose whatever we want, right?”

Countdown almost complete

Posted in Lifeon Jun 21, 2009

5 Days Left

5 Days Left

This is where the story gets good

Posted in Lifeon Jun 20, 2009

Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Gold at the end of the rainbow

Following a previous post where I tell the story of how I started dating Sandy, I thought I would continue and talk about how I proposed.

Last February, I was visiting my parents in Oregon with Sandy, and I knew the time was right to propose. Mostly I knew because I had been planning it for a while and I finally acquired the ring which I was going to give her. We were in Oregon for Presidents Day weekend, which included Valentines day. I didn’t want to propose on Friday the 13th (maybe a little superstitious) and Sandy said it would be too cheesy to propose on Valentines day (so instead we visited the Tillamook cheese factory).

I needed to “ask her father’s permission” before proposing, but I had a hard time getting a hold of him on Sunday. When I finally did begin speaking with him on the phone, I told him that I was Jacob Brunson and he asked, “Do I know you?” to which I responded, “I hope so, I’ve been dating your daughter.”

Sandy knew all of this was going on, and she really wanted me to propose, even it if was just casual like in my parents living room. I wanted it to be a little more special, so I thought and thought about one last activity in Oregon on Monday, February 16. Going to bed Sunday night, all I knew is that I wanted it to be a little scenic.

The first thought in my mind waking up Monday morning was that I should propose on a bridge. I got on the Internet, and started researching the most romantic bridges in Portland. I found one in Portland’s Japanese Gardens, and I thought it would be the perfect place. The Japanese are right next to the Rose Garden park, so I told Sandy that I thought we should go up to see the rose gardens, which overlook downtown Portland, and have a great view.

I proposed on the other side of the bridge, right behind where Sandy is standing

As we are driving past the Oregon Zoo to the Rose Gardens, Sandy sees the sign for the Japanese gardens and asks if we can go there. I responded that I thought it was a great idea, but didn’t lead on that it was my plan all along. When we get to the entrance of the gardens I found out that they normally open at noon on Mondays, except that they had a free admission day for President’s Day and that it was going to open in twenty minutes. With the ring burning a hole in my pocket, I was thinking, “Sweet, I don’t have to spend $20 in admissions!”

The whole way home, Sandy couldnt stop looking at the ring.

The whole way home, Sandy couldn't stop looking at the ring.

We enter the garden and wander around for a little bit, as we near the bridge, I realize that there were so many people taking advantage of the free-admission holiday that it wasn’t really the private setting I had hoped for. But I found a little secluded spot with a view of the bridge, and there gave Sandy a letter which I wrote her earlier that morning. The letter had pictures of us during our time in Oregon. After she was finished with reading the letter, I knelt down on one knee and pulled out the ring. She grabbed the ring faster than I could put it on her finger, and I’m like, “So you answer is yes?”

We bought some egg rolls from Costco on the way home to share with my family to celebrate.

I decided that I need to do better at keeping the doors to the house locked. So last night, at about 11:30 pm, in my pajamas right before heading to bed, I decided to go around a make sure all the doors were locked. Sure enough, the front door was unlocked, so I locked it. I also found the outside door from the kitchen unlocked, so I was locking it when I decided to make sure I turned the water to the garden off, and closed the locked door behind me.

My first approach was to go around the entire house and find an open door or window, but apparently I had been doing a better job than I thought at keeping things locked up. My second thought was to use the garbage can to get onto the root and try a for-sure-to-be-open second story window. But my chin barely cleared the gutter, and I wasn’t sure I could pull myself up onto the roof, especially since the garbage can had wheels. Placing a bucket on top of the garbage can seemed even more perilous.

My arms were about three inches too short to reach the garage door knob through the cat door (no I don’t have a cat). The most I could do with a board I found was to turn on the outside light switch, but I could never get the pesky little door lock turned.

I considered a brick through a window, and also sleeping outside, but neither option seemed elegant. So I decided to bury my pride and call for help. So I walked, in bare feet, to the gas station to find a phone, but pay phones are only for airports now days. I then walked to the near by 24 Hour Fitness and used their phone to call Sandy. I was really glad for the few moments I spent a few months earlier memorizing her phone number, because otherwise I would have been calling my parents in Oregon.

I woke Sandy up, but she drove down to use the garage door remote to open it up for me, so that I could actually sleep in a real bed.