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Avago’s site search

Posted in Technicalon Feb 11, 2008

I work at HP in Fort Collins, Colorado, which shares its campus with Avago Technologies. I was curious to see what sort of products my neighbors were working on, so I checked out there website. One thing I noticed was their search box:
Avago Search Box

What the heck is a parametric search anyway?

It is important for web sites to clearly present an interface, without making the user think. Puting an abstract term like parametric search just confuses users.

The rise of RSS and Atom feeds brought increased usage of the word, aggregate, which meant to gather many articles together to one destination. This turns out to be a really great thing. No longer do I have to go from site to site to check on all my favorite news. I can use an aggregator, and bring all the news from all my favorite sites together to one point. Not only can I do this with news, but also blog posts, photos, audio clips, events, alerts, and the list goes on.
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Googling is a word

Posted in Technicalon Apr 24, 2006

Google can, at your option, keep track of things you’ve searched for. Sometimes you spend a while searching for something, you find it, only to not remember the next day what you found. Google search history remembers for you. But they also provide some interesting statistics to go along with this. Much like the statistics on this blog whch show posts, the Google statistics show what hours of the day or what days of the week you do most of your searching.

I found that I do the most Googling in between 1-2am, followed by the midnight hour. This is close to when I do most of my blog posting. So I guess the trends are that I like to do most of my web surfing late at night. At least I use Firefox to do so.

I was recently reading the Official Google Blog and read a post titled Stay in Ctrl Ctrl which was about Google Desktop coming out of beta. They added a new feature called Quick Search Box which allows you to press the Ctrl key twice, get a search box, type in the name of an application or document, and quickly launch it. I’m a Mac user, and so Google Desktop doesn’t really interest me that much. But the quick search box seemed very similar to some functionality provided by an application called Quicksilver. This is a very popular (and free) application that allows users to get a quick search box by using a Ctrl+Space key combination. Then the user can type in just a few letters of an application or document and launch or open the selected item. I’m glad that all my windows friends will finally find some easy document and application launching through Google Desktop. Odd though how similar it is in concept to Quicksilver.

Above the search fold

Posted in Bloggingon Feb 24, 2006

I was looking at some web statistics today, specifically the list of things people type into search engines to get to my site. The following is a list of search terms where my blog is in the top several search results:

Search Engines

Posted in Technicalon Nov 20, 2004

I’ve been researching different search engines that can be used to index a limited set of websites. I’ve come up with these four as possible candidates:

ht://Dig does the job, but it has problems updating an index, and perhaps with database corruption. It will search pdf, word, and other documents if given proper parsers.

The Search Engine Project is a search engine that runs from php and indexes into MySQL (v4+).

SiteSearch uses Lucene (java based, from Apache Jakarta) as the indexer, has a php front end, and provides search and click statistics.

Spindle also uses Lucene. I don’t know much more than that.