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What I do at work

Posted in Business, Technicalon Oct 6, 2011

I work for Pelco by Schneider Electric, working on the firmware for IP video cameras.  While you have probably seen our products hanging from ceilings in your favorite airport or supermarket, I find it occasionally hard to brag about our products when our black camera domes looks like every other black security camera dome.

But the quality in a security camera has more to do with the images that come out of the camera than what it looks like, and today I have some photos to show that distinguish our security cameras from our competitors.   A church in Salt Lake City, Utah (I’ll let you guess which one), recently replaced one of our competitors cameras with one of our new SureVision cameras.

One of our competitors installed the camera which took this image, and they had to fine tune it because of some unique lighting conditions:

The church themselves replaced the specially tuned camera with one of our cameras to get this image:

One of the things a security camera operator would want to see is the images of people walking into the building, so they can quickly spot trouble.  Our camera uses wide dynamic range image processing to provide that image when otherwise the image of the person would be washed out.  Notice how you can see outside the window and onto the street. Wow!

New type of address encoding

Posted in Technicalon Dec 9, 2006

I got this phishing attach in my inbox.  You know, one of those that look like they are from paypal or someone, but they really aren’t.  They give you links that they ask you to click on, except that the links don’t go to paypal’s server, they go to some other site that looks like paypal and tricks you into providing your login credentials.  None of this is new.

What is new is how they are providing the address in the link.  They provided the IP address in hex.  So if I were to represent the address to my server, it would be: http://0xcf.0x2d.0x41.0x24/

I thought this was very interesting, so I tried it in Firefox and Opera on my mac, and neither were tricked.  Both browser’s didn’t convert the hex to the real IP address, so it didn’t work.   But it makes me wonder if there are browsers out there that might be tricked by such IP address encoding.

Is the logout button obsolete?

Posted in Technicalon Nov 22, 2006

I must be a nerd because web site security worries keeps me awake at night. Tonight I was worried about particular web site designs that might discourage users from logging out and I was curious about how many users were actually logging out.
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GPG is a way to digitally sign email messages so that other people can know that they came from you. It can also be used to encrypt messages. Getting GPG to work is easy if you know the right way to do it, or difficult if you don’t. Here are some steps for the Mac user to get started with GPG: Read the rest of this entry »