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Top blogging categories

Posted in Bloggingon Nov 17, 2008

Today I looked at some visitor statistics for this blog over the last month.  Specifically, I looked at the average number of views in a category normalized on the number of posts in that category.  I found that my top 5 categories are, based on number of views per article:

The category in which this article is posted, Blogging, is the worst category, with about 0.2 views per article.

Olympic softball stats

Posted in Sportson Aug 5, 2008

Softball has only been played at the Summer Olympics three times: 1996, 2000, 2004. This year’s Olympic Games will mark the fourth time the sport has appeared at the Olympics. Because of a lack of world-wide interest, softball will not be played in the 2012 Olympics. The United States has won gold at all three previous Olympic Games.

Medal count
United States: 3 Golds
Australia: 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Japan: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
China: 1 Silver

2004 Medalists
United States: Gold
Australia: Silver
Japan: Bronze

Appearances at all 4 Olympic Games (including 2008)
Australia, Canada, China, USA, Japan
Chinese Taipei has appeared at 2 previous Olympic Games and will appear in Beijing.

See also: Wikipedia for 2008 Softball Schedule.

Olympic baseball stats

Posted in Sportson Jul 31, 2008

Here are a few statistics about Baseball at the Olympics:
2004 Olympic Medalists
Gold: Cuba
Silver: Australia
Bronze: Japan

2000 Olympic Medalists
Gold: USA
Silver: Cuba
Bronze: Korea

All-time medal leaders
Cuba (3 Gold, 1 Silver)
USA (1 Gold, 1 Bronze)
Japan (1 Silver, 2 Bronze)

And some background information from Wikipedia:

Baseball became an official sport at the 1992 Summer Olympics, with the familiar eight team tournament. Players were required to be amateurs. The tournament consisted of a round-robin, in which teams played each of the other teams, followed by semifinals and finals. The format of the competition has remained the same since then, with the only major change being that starting in 2000 players were not required to be amateurs.

Average age of my ward

Posted in Religionon Mar 7, 2007

I ran some stats today about the average age of my student ward here at BYU. Here they are:
Average Age: 22.2 years
Average Male Age: 23.0 years
Average Female Age: 21.7 years

If you look at the age distribution, most of the women are between 19 and 23 years old, and most of the men are between 21 and 23 years old.

Googling is a word

Posted in Technicalon Apr 24, 2006

Google can, at your option, keep track of things you’ve searched for. Sometimes you spend a while searching for something, you find it, only to not remember the next day what you found. Google search history remembers for you. But they also provide some interesting statistics to go along with this. Much like the statistics on this blog whch show posts, the Google statistics show what hours of the day or what days of the week you do most of your searching.

I found that I do the most Googling in between 1-2am, followed by the midnight hour. This is close to when I do most of my blog posting. So I guess the trends are that I like to do most of my web surfing late at night. At least I use Firefox to do so.

Posts by day of week

Posted in Bloggingon Feb 20, 2006

I just put together a new graph which illustrates the number of posts per by day of the week. Nothing is terribly unusual, except that I have a few less posts on Saturdays.

Posts by day of week

Posts by hour

Posted in Bloggingon Jan 30, 2006

Here is a graph that shows when I do most of my blogging.  I’m still working on the format, but the x-axis shows the hour of the day, starting with midnight, and the y-axis showing the number of posts during that hour, currently peaking at about 40.

Posts by hour graph