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Bad peelie coupon at Target

Posted in Businesson Nov 7, 2011

I was buying diapers at Target the other day, and I found a peelie coupon on the box of diapers. I peeled the coupon of the box of diapers to reveal that it said, “Save $1 off this box of diapers.” Great! I proceeded to the checkout lanes.

Upon checking out, the cashier told me that the coupon had expired in September and that they wouldn’t be giving me the discount. Dumb. Don’t put coupons on your merchandise that are going to expire before the merchandise sells.

Black Friday awards

Posted in Businesson Dec 10, 2009

I went shopping at several stores early Black Friday morning, and I’ve decided to give awards to various stores based on their performance.  These awards are in word only; no prizes or trophies will be presented.

Most Disorganized Store goes to the Lindon, Utah Walmart. While the Walmart sale was to begin at 5am, we walked into the store at 4:30 to find people already walking around with products in their carts and already lined up to check out. They had isles completely blocked off, making it hard to get through the store to the items we were looking at. We even found a few cashiers checking people out before 5am. I also observed that every laptop sold needed an override at the cash register for a serial number which wasn’t available because people couldn’t pick up a laptop except from a trailer around the back of the store only after they paid for it.

Worst Planning also goes to Walmart. The front page of their Black Friday advertisement was promoting their price matching policy. While price matching is a great way for consumers to get good prices, price matching at 5am really slows down already long lines. We were behind this guy who had to price match some DVDs, and it took like 5 times longer for him to check out.

Most Ridiculous Line goes to the American Fork Target. We casually walked in looking for sales on games, but then casually walked out when we saw that the line looped through two thirds of the store. Since we didn’t actually wait in line at Target, we give a dishonorable mention to the next door Old Navy. Although they opened hours earlier, the Old Navy associates seemed disinterested in checking people out speedily. Not that the line was long, it was just slow. They problem was compounded by the fact that they were trying to get people to sign up for an Old Navy charge card. They were telling people they could go to the front of the line if they were to sign up for a new charge card. What this was really doing was punishing the people who didn’t sign up for a card, by making them wait longer in line behind the people that did sign up for a new card.

Best Deal Hiding goes to the Staples in Orem. Sure we didn’t get there when it opened, but we couldn’t even tell if they had the items we were looking for.

Best Handing of Chaos goes to Best Buy. Although they had masses of people, they had employees available to help you find things, the checkout line was reasonable, they had maps to hand out, and they generally seemed pretty organized. Other stores might look to Best Buy’s handling to improve their performance for next year’s awards.

Target printable coupons changing

Posted in Businesson Nov 16, 2009

I’ve recently become a bigger fan of using coupons at SuperTarget for one major reason: you can use both a target coupon and a manufacturers coupon at the same time.  For example, about a month ago, I was using both a $1-off Chex Mix target coupon with a $0.50-off Chex Mix manufacturers coupon to get a combined savings of $1.50 per bag of Chex Mix.  Considering that Chex Mix was selling at about that price, I was getting some very cheap or even free Chex Mix.

I’ve had about 8 bags of Chex Mix in my cupboards, mostly because the Target website allowed me to print as many coupons as I wanted.  I could go to the web site, and select the coupons I wanted, and Target would simply display the image of the coupon allowing me to print as many copies of the image that I wanted.

This allowed for lots of Target coupon abuse.  There are even Target coupon generators out there which allow a person to indicate any number of current and prior (non-expired) coupons to print all at once.

However, today I notice major indicators that this all is changing.

It seems that Target will be teaming with E-centives for more controlled coupon printing.  With this new system, Target has more control over how many coupons get printed.   I’m guessing that it will also only allow a coupon to be printed only twice on a particular computer.  Users will have to install a special coupon printer in order to print the new coupons.

Target has just loaded up some new coupons, and there are some pretty good deals:

  • $1 off 6 cans of vegetables, which are currently on sale this week.  Final price when you buy 6: $0.29/can
  • $1 off 2 bottles of cranberry juice, which is also on sale this week.  Final price when you buy 2: $1.59/each

My reaction is that the new coupon system will probably be a little less convenient, especially for Linux users like myself (Linux is not supported by their printing software).  However, if it allows Target to provide more deals because they won’t be as abused as they were before, then I think it is a fair solution.

A few thoughts revisited

Posted in Insightson Jul 31, 2008

I’ve been thinking a lot. However, most of my thoughts are simply rehashes of previous thoughts. For example, Heather told me she liked reading some of my police beat posts. One of the most bizarre of which is the one where the guy had his wallet stolen with two Victoria’s Secret gift cards inside.

Like always, I continue to thinking about dating and the building of relationship. I’ve decided that I’m sticking with my definition of desperate: that it involves ignoring the natural order and process of relationship building.

My new thought for the week is that I’m going to go ahead and continue to assert that the average Fort Collins East Target Super Center employee is more attractive than the average Walmart employee.