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That chair is worth how much?

Posted in Educationon Jun 9, 2009

From a recent BYU Police Beat:

June 2: An office chair was taken from the Faculty Office Building. The chair is valued at $900

The real shocker here is that BYU is paying $900 for office chairs. That does sound like theft.

Police beats too good to not share

Posted in Funnyon Feb 12, 2009

I try and only share police beats which are actually funny, and today I found some that are at least slightly amusing, especially when you hear my commentary.

First, a story about theft:

Feb. 6 Twenty-one laptop computers have been stolen from the KMB. The situation is currently under investigation.

Ok, this one is kind of lame that they didn’t give more details.  How do 21 laptops go missing in a building that was torn down months ago, and the only commentary is that it is under investigation.  Were they all stollen at the same time, or from the same place?  Stealing one or two laptops, not so hard, but you can’t tell me that someone walked out of a torn down building with 21 laptops in their backpack. 

And now, education about who not to call when you are having a bad day:

Feb. 9 A professor received a call from an unknown male party at his office. The young male was upset at his girlfriend about an illicit affair and started swearing. It appeared he had the wrong number.

I can see the professor’s response to be something like this:  Hello?  Why yes, I am a chemistry professor.  No, not that type of chemistry.  You sound pretty upset, perhaps you meant to call a family sciences professor, I only deal with molecules and atoms and junk.  F what? Maybe you meant to say flourine.  Perhaps you should call a math professor, they can help you get your numbers straight, ’cause you got the wrong number.  Sucka!

And finally, a good lesson on how to mediate a situation:

Feb. 6 A lifeguard at the Richards Building pool called police when two reporters working on laptops from The Deseret News refused to leave. Officers mediated the situation.

I wonder what they mean by “mediated the situation.”  I bet the original draft of this beat read: “Officers with guns told them to leave, nicely.”

Some interesting police beats

Posted in Funnyon Jul 7, 2008

Even though I’m graduated and moved away from BYU, I still enjoy reading Police Beat published in the daily school newspaper. Here are some of my favorites (with commentary) from this summer.

June 27 :
A radar detector worth $140 was stolen from the owner’s car in the Wymount Terrace parking lot. The owner claims the car was locked.

If this was your car, how would you explain to the police why you would even have a radar detector in the first place?
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How have you broken your phone?

Posted in Generalon Jun 16, 2008

Tell me your stories about how you have been separated with a working cell phone. Have you dropped your phone in the toilet? Has it just stopped working over time. Did it get hit by a car, or stolen on the pickpocket bus in Romania? Even if your story is not extremely interesting, drop a note so we can get an idea of what goes wrong with cell phones.

Campus theft

Posted in Funnyon Dec 7, 2007

I was reading the Police Beat in today’s edition of The Daily Universe, and I saw this entry about a man who got his wallet stolen:

Nov. 5-6: A 26-year-old male reported his wallet stolen after using it at the Creamery on Ninth East. His driver’s license, an American Express card, two debit cards, two credit cards and two Victoria’s Secret gift cards were in the wallet when it was stolen.

Emphasis added.

Community Alert for Provo

Posted in Generalon Oct 27, 2006

A friend of mine about a week ago got her wallet stolen by a black man going door to door soliciting donations for Hurricane Katrina victims.

This happened in University Villa. Myself and other residents at University Villa remember seeing this guy come around last summer. Apparently he is looking for “donations” but also looking for opportunities for easy theft as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has been spotted at apartment complexes all over Provo.

If you see this man, use discretion. In this case and other similar cases, it may be appropriate to call the police immediately and alert them to suspicious individuals. Never let a stranger access into your apartment. Maybe if we can keep ourselves and our neighbors alert about this guy and other dangers that occur even in Provo, we can help prevent another victim.