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President Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said:

May we remember these ABCs as we begin our journey into the new year: cultivating a positive attitude, a belief that we can achieve our goals and resolutions, and the courage to face whatever challenges may come our way. Then the abundant life will be ours.

Source: January 2012 Ensign: Living the Abundant Life.

President Thomas S. Monson said:

Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and figuratively lose their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish–and in effect save their lives.

Source: Ensign, November 2009, Page 95.

Notes from priesthood session

Posted in Religionon Apr 5, 2008

Priesthood session for General Conference was really good. Here are a few notes:

Elder Cook told about the fire fighting heroes in Southern California and talked about the importance of following the words of the prophet.

Bishop Burton told us about the churches humanitarian efforts. He expressed appreciation for the good Samaritans. He said that in 2007, the church responded and assisted with 170 disaster events in 50 different countries. He said, “The things which you do for others remains your legacy.”

Brother Burges from the General Young Mens Presidency asked, “Do you know who you are?” He also talked about knowing who you are in the Great Plan and as a member of the Church.

Elder Mansen of the 70 talked about young deacons and their potential. He gave an example of the Savior, and what he did at deacon age.

President Uchtdorf advises us about the dangers of being just a few degrees off in course. He told us of the power of self-direction and told us to “Be anxiously engaged in a good cause.”

President Eyring talked on many subjects, including the temple being a place to gain a fullness of glory and eternal increase. He told us to study the word of God. He said that the priesthood is the power that God, through His Son, created the worlds.

President Monson told us to ask ourselves, if we are worthy servants of the Lord. He told a story of him at a meeting where a boy was imitating his every posture. If he would cross his legs one way, the boy would do the same. President Monson said this continued until he wiggled his ears, which the boy couldn’t imitate. President Monson wiggled his big ears for us in demonstration and articulation in his story. (It was funny.) He told this story to help us understand the examples we must be for others. He also said that we should, “Determine to prepare for our time of opportunity.”

Here are a few of the points and things that I learned in attendance of the Priesthood Session of the 177th Semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One of the themes of the session was to not procrastinate doing good things.

  • From Elder Perry I learned that missionaries must meet the minimum standards, and then continue to raise the bar to fulfil. their full potential.
  • President Kimball was quoted as saying, “Procrastination leads to loss of exaltation.”
  • Elder Clayton of the Seventy said that healing and escaping a trap may require:
    1. All your heart and mind.
    2. Help from a bishop
    3. The power of the Atonement
  • Elder Gonzalez of the Presidency of the Seventy explained that we will have tremors in our lives similar to earthquakes, and now is the time to prepare (not at the time of the quake), similar to how the priesthood leaders in Peru were prepared for an earthquake.
  • President Eyring, the new Second Counselor in the First Presidency told about things you can do when we feel inadequate in our priesthood responsibilities:
    1. Find assurance from memories of times when Heavenly Father has helped you.
    2. Forget yourself and help the people that you are called to serve
    3. Go to work

    He also explained that the purpose of any priesthood responsibility is to help Heavenly Father’s work in helping others to succeed.

  • President Monson said that we accomplish our goals, not in the thinking, but in the doing. He repeated a quote, “A man never stands taller than when he is on his knees.” He stressed five things: vision, effort, faith, virtue, and prayer.
  • Finally, President Hinckley warned us about anger and said that we get into trouble when we get angry.

2nd MWC

Posted in Sportson Mar 4, 2006

Congradulations to BYU Men’s Basketball with their victory over New Mexico tonight. The win ends the regular season, with BYU in a tie for 2nd place in the Mountain West Conference.

The game tonight was one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen. President Monson even spoke at half time (which justifies skipping stake conference to go to the game).