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The wrong hangup

Posted in Lifeon Apr 16, 2010

Today I was at work, and I was talking with Sandy using my headset, while at the same time using my computer.  When the conversation was over, I meant to hang up the phone, but instead I closed the program I was using on my computer.

I guess I can’t multi-task.

Avago’s site search

Posted in Technicalon Feb 11, 2008

I work at HP in Fort Collins, Colorado, which shares its campus with Avago Technologies. I was curious to see what sort of products my neighbors were working on, so I checked out there website. One thing I noticed was their search box:
Avago Search Box

What the heck is a parametric search anyway?

It is important for web sites to clearly present an interface, without making the user think. Puting an abstract term like parametric search just confuses users.