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What I do at work

Posted in Business, Technicalon Oct 6, 2011

I work for Pelco by Schneider Electric, working on the firmware for IP video cameras.  While you have probably seen our products hanging from ceilings in your favorite airport or supermarket, I find it occasionally hard to brag about our products when our black camera domes looks like every other black security camera dome.

But the quality in a security camera has more to do with the images that come out of the camera than what it looks like, and today I have some photos to show that distinguish our security cameras from our competitors.   A church in Salt Lake City, Utah (I’ll let you guess which one), recently replaced one of our competitors cameras with one of our new SureVision cameras.

One of our competitors installed the camera which took this image, and they had to fine tune it because of some unique lighting conditions:

The church themselves replaced the specially tuned camera with one of our cameras to get this image:

One of the things a security camera operator would want to see is the images of people walking into the building, so they can quickly spot trouble.  Our camera uses wide dynamic range image processing to provide that image when otherwise the image of the person would be washed out.  Notice how you can see outside the window and onto the street. Wow!

The other night I was watching some TV where an infomercial came on for a kitchen gadget called the Slap Chop. Except that it didn’t start like a typical infomercial, it started with a 3 minute rap remix of the infomercial. I had never seen anything like it. It was so weird, that it kind of had me a little freaked out. Anyway, here is a You Tube video of the commercial, just as it appeared on TV.

I was completely freaked out by the large dancing bunny, but I thought that the old lady giggle was hilarious.

I want a lot actually

Posted in Funnyon Aug 19, 2010

I’m not really the type to blog about assuming movies, but this is one of my favorites, and it promotes one of my favorite products.

Flash on the Nokia N810

Posted in Technicalon Aug 28, 2008

In my continuing evaluation of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, I was delighted to see that Adobe Flash was included as part of the web browser. This means that I can watch Strongbad’s Emails and Youtube from a device that fits in my pocket.

However, I am disappointed that the version of flash installed does not recognized the built in camera or microphone. This means that I can’t send video messages to my friends on Facebook.

So, plus on the fact that flash is included, but a small negative because the flash doesn’t support that camera.

I’ve never decided if the hamster wheel is a cruel or kind invention. On one hand, it keeps the otherwise inert hamster in shape. On the other, that hamster getting nowhere quickly. This LEGO elevator leaves me, again, floating in moral ambiguity. One one hand, it’s LEGO and a convenient elevator. On the other…well, just watch the clip.

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Quick video of my last hike

Posted in Adventureson Mar 14, 2008

I’m just starting to learn how to take videos with my digital camera and place them on the Internet. Here is my latest experiment from my latest hike.