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Basketball game

Posted in Sportson Feb 17, 2010

Tonight Sandy and I went to the BYU verses Colorado State basketball game.  My favorite team (blue) won, 92-70.  It was my first basketball game that I’ve attended in nearly a year, and I really enjoyed it.

After the game, Sandy and I went by Wendy’s on the way home for some Frosties, at which point, the engineer in me discovered that the 99-cent small Frosty is the most economical.  If you wanted a large Frosty, you would find that you could get more Frosty for less money by buying two small Frosties than one large Frosty.

Review of Wendy’s in Fort Collins

Posted in Reviewson Dec 14, 2007

Wednesday night, I used the drive through at the Wendy’s at 3710 S College Ave. in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their service was too fast, which means they gave me food which was already sitting around, and when I looked at my Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, I found that the meat was exceptionally smaller than I’m use to.

I had also thought that they had forgotten to give me a spoon for my chili, but it turns out that I was dumb and just couldn’t find it.