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Last June, Google and Yahoo announced a partnership where Yahoo would use Google Advertising on its site to increase revenue.  Yahoo would raise some much needed cash from the more effective advertising, while Google publishes its ads on a very large site.  Currently Yahoo uses its own advertising framework which is less effective.

However, today we learn that the deal is going bust because too many government regulators and advertisors had concerns that this agreement would give Google too much of an advertising monopoly. Read the rest of this entry »

Why I’ve switched to Yahoo!

Posted in Technicalon May 6, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I claimed that I was prepared to ditch Yahoo! if Microsoft bought them. Now that Microsoft has withdrawn its bid for Yahoo, I’ve decided to make efforts to use Yahoo more than I have in the past.

Yahoo’s ability to withstand a Microsoft bid was based in Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang’s claims that Yahoo has more potential and is worth more than Microsoft was willing to pay for it. Yang wanted Microsoft to pay $37 per share, and Microsoft only offered $33 per share. Now today, analysts are saying that if Yang is on a limited time line to get the trading price of Yahoo stock above $33 to prove he was right about not selling out to Microsoft.

I believe that Microsoft ownership of Yahoo would be very bad for the Internet. While Microsoft has currently withdrawn its bid, there is always the possibility that Microsoft will, in the future, attempt again to buy Yahoo. High stock prices are the biggest deterrent from future buyout attempts.

I want to do what I can to allow Yahoo stock prices to increase. I figure that I can do this by giving Yahoo as much legitimate business that I reasonably can. The easiest way to start is by switching the default search engine in my web browser to point to Yahoo. Perhaps I’ll find additional ways to give Yahoo more of my business. This is my small role in keeping Yahoo away from Microsoft.

Dear Google

Posted in Technicalon Apr 16, 2008

Dear Google,

I think I have some good idea for you. So I’ve set up a new column on this blog so that I may suggest a few to you.

The first is that you should take a few weeks off. I’m sure that you don’t believe that Microsoft buying Yahoo! is a good thing for anyone. Unfortunately, the main drive behind Microsoft’s bid is competition from you, Google. Microsoft’s bid is also lower than Yahoo! would like, presumably because Yahoo! is struggling with a smaller market share, especially when compared to you, Google.

My suggestion is for Google to take a couple of weeks off. This would make Yahoo!’s stock soar out of the reaches of Microsoft, putting an end to the bid that would do no one any good. Now I’m sure that you probably don’t want to take a couple of weeks off, but you might be able to find other solutions, to help the situation, like placing Yahoo! advertising on your search results rather than your own. Whatever you can do to help Yahoo! look strong over the next month or so, might just be enough to discourage any takeover bid by the evil empire, Microsoft.

So until I write another Dear Google letter, I wish you the best of days.

A Cnet News blog claims that Yahoo! might be bought out by Microsoft this week. If this happens, I am prepared to cancel all of the Yahoo! services that I currently use. I have little or no faith that Microsoft’s management of Yahoo! services will be satisfactory, so upon any sort of merger announcement, I will start looking for replacement services that I believe will better serve my interests.

As a developer, I currently trust the openness of Yahoo! developer APIs, but I would have serious concerns if I could depend on a Microsoft Yahoo for continued support of these APIs.

Some reports say that the Microsoft bid is simply to buy Yahoo!’s user-base. I refuse to be bought like that, and will remove myself from the user-base when it comes time.

How to promote a secret site

Posted in Bloggingon Oct 16, 2006

Last Friday, the thirteenth, I announced that I created a secret blog. I want it to be searchable from at least two major search engines, probably Google and Yahoo!, because I’m not such a fan of MSN or whatever they are calling it these days. I’ve created site maps and I’ve submitted them to both Google and Yahoo, and I see a little bit of downloading, but no results in their search indexes. I’ve used ping-o-matic to alert sites as to the existence of new posts, but I get very little response.

Now I’m sure that eventually I will get indexed, but how many days will that take? Especially because there are no links to my site. I can’t link to my secret blog here, because then it really wouldn’t be secret. I can’t link to it from any of my other sites I control, because that would risk giving away the location of my secret blog. And I can’t ask any of my friends to link to it from their sites, because then they will know my secrets, and that could be a bad thing if any of my secrets ever involved them.

So this is an interesting little case study. How do you promote a site from scratch? And how long will it take?

Most blogs and forums out there will add no-follow flags to all out going links as a method to combat spam. So just getting on public forums and blogs probably won’t do anything. The only thing I can think of is go around to other very random people’s blogs and leave well thought out comments and hope that they will think my secret blog is interesting enough to link to. But this is a very long and hard process, but the only one I can think of that doesn’t involve shady spam-like techniques. Maybe you have some ideas.

Yahoo Avatars

Posted in Lifeon Dec 14, 2005

I found a newer feature on Yahoo! today called Yahoo! Avatars. Basically, it allows you to pick through different images to create a cartoon likeness of yourself. It’s kind of fun to play around with. Here is my current avatar:
Yahoo! Avatars