A few thoughts on Google Buzz

Posted in Technicalon Feb 15, 2010

Google Buzz is a new offering from Google comparable to Twitter or the Facebook Wall feature.  People can share a short thought or message with those people on their contacts list in Google Gmail.  Here are a few thoughts I have on Google Buzz:

  • Integration with Gmail is both very great and very bad.  I like only having to stop at once place to check both my email and read through some recent buzzes.   On a larger scale, however, this restricts buzzing to only those who have Gmail accounts.  Most people who don’t currently use Gmail won’t want to sign up for a Gmail account just so they can buzz.
  • Location resolution in the mobile buzz app quite accurately describes where you are.  That may be fine if you are buzzing about your experience at a particular store or business, but sometimes I would like to share my location more generally so that I can communicate to people that I’m in Fort Collins, but without telling them my exact location.
  • Commenting and liking are great features that allow my buzzes to be more social and invites more discussion.
  • Better APIs need to be shared so that developers can allow third-party applications to help a user buzz.  I hear this is coming, but it should have been available from day one.

It will be interesting to see Buzz evolve over time, but hopefully we won’t ever see any “Which movie character are you?” or “Be my Farmville Friend” buzzes that have plagued Facebook.

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