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Posted in Technicalon Oct 23, 2006

Although Firefox 2 isn’t officially released from Mozilla until tomorrow (Oct 23, 2006), I found that the files are on the FTP server ready to be downloaded. Of course there is an official list of changes, but here is a list of small little things I’ve noticed.

The tabs look more like tabs, and each tab has a close button. I’m not sure how much I like each tab having a close button, because it leaves less space for the tab title. It also makes the close button appear in different places, making closing multiple tabs quickly a little more difficult.

The buttons of the default theme are smaller than before. One feature I wish I could have is that on some toolbars I would prefer icons+text, and others just icons, but the icon type seems to be universal.

The Javascript Console has been renamed to the Error Console. I think this is a more appropriate name because the console reports CSS and other errors too.

Bookmark menus have icons for each bookmark, and these work better to use the site icon or an RSS icon if it is available.

There is red-dotted-underlining for misspelled words in forms. This is really great and has already helped me even in typing this post. You can turn this off in the advanced preferences, but I find no other way to customize this or force a spell check. The only way to get word suggestions is to right click on the underlined word.

The preferences have been cleaned up, and seem easier to use.

One of my favorite new features occurs when you click on an RSS or Atom feed. Firefox shows you a preview of the feed and asks you how you want to deal with it, such as opening it with an external application, site, or save as a “live bookmark.”

Overall, Firefox 2 seems like it has some good ideas. I haven’t used it tons yet, but I hope that stability is also there. I also home that memory usage has improved over previous versions, but we’ll have to see about that. Eventually, you will be able to download Firefox 2 with the Google Toolbar by clicking this link.

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June 13th, 2008 at 11:42 am

you know, firefox 3 will be out soon. everyone should click the link over on my site to download firefox 3 🙂

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