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Posted in Technicalon Dec 2, 2005

Today I installed some Google Ads on my side. You will see them on the right side of this page (assuming I haven’t changed things) under all the navigation.

The biggest reason I signed up for Google Ads wasn’t for the ads, but because they will pay me money for everyone I get to install and use Firefox with the Google toolbar. Since I already encourage people to use Firefox, this seemed like a winning situation. I also like using the Google toolbar. My favorite feature of the Google toolbar is the form spell checker, so as I’m blogging here or typing in something somewhere else, I can spell check what I’ve typed. So if you are still using Internet Explorer, or you aren’t using the Google toolbar, I suggest you click here to install Firefox, a much safer and faster replacement for Internet Explorer.

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December 9th, 2005 at 12:22 pm

Jacob, did you pick the ads that go on your page? so far i’ve seen “” “” “live psychic readings” and “how to get your ex back”. hmmm.

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